Lukewarm Legumes is a blog written by three food aficionados: Tiffany, Tim and John. Tiffany and Tim live on the East Coast and John lives along the Gulf Coast, but all are frequent travelers to sample and explore cooking and cultures wherever they are to be found. We all share a life long love of food: are adventurous and experimenters. We enjoy trying new restaurants, tasting new foods and cuisines, and learning about everything food from where to get the biggest and the best, to what goes into a recipe and how each ingredient contributes to the final dish.

In this blog we will be reviewing restaurants, looking for the best places to obtain fresh local ingredients, quality seasonings, and the finest of kitchen essentials. We will also be conducting food experiments in our own Lukewarm Legumes Test Kitchen.

Follow us as we explore everything about food: from the inside of the finest restaurant kitchens to the farms and factories that provide what you find on your grocer’s shelves.

We do all this for the love of food, and are delighted to have the opportunity to share our adventures with you.

So come join us on our journey. We look forward to hearing your feedback and about your food adventures as well.

Tiffany and the Giant Banana Split
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Banana Split Aftermath
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