Tim was born on a warm summer day to a mother who centered all family events or significant milestones in life around food.  Be it a special meal for a birthday, dining out with the family when someone was going away or good ole classic american comfort food.  It’s safe to say that Tim’s passion for food comes from his mother, though he has picked many things up over the years, continually learning new things about food, society and how people enjoy eating and cooking.  Tim is fortunate that not only did his mother have a passion for cooking and baking, but so did his father, it does not come as a surprise that he loves cooking and eating, not to mention the majority of his memories have food as a focal point.

In his younger days he was tasked with preparing family dinner once/week, he learned a lot in a big hurry.  He would like to apologize to his family for some of his unsatisfactory meals that were created during this period.  A notable disaster was his first attempt at vanilla pudding, who would have thunk you had to temper eggs! Among these failures were a lot of victories that really shaped the direction the rest of his culinary passion took off in.  He became a big fan of grilling, what’s not to like, meat, fire and no pot to clean!  He also developed a number of cooking techniques to save cleaning dishes.  A part of the family lesson of cooking the weekly meal was also cleaning up after the meal was finished, which is when he developed his incredible ability to flip virtually any object in a pan/pot without using a spoon.

The reality was he enjoyed eating and is inquisitive by nature so developing “mad” culinary skillz was just a natural progression rather than punishment or a task.  He started dating Tiffany who is not only as inquisitive as he is in the kitchen but also a contributing editor and co-creator of this site – she’s also sweeter than the desserts she likes to make, but that is a post for another day.  Often you’ll see posts from the two of them or recognize a similar kitchen.  Tiffany leans more towards the world of sweets and Tim’s core background is in the land of savory so it’s a match made in heaven for a balanced meal.  Tim discovered that serving a pork chop for dessert isn’t as appealing to most people as it is to him, shocking I know.

As mentioned above Tim does prefer the world of savory so most of his posts will be savory, however he does dabble with sweets from time to time and his signature family classic dessert is Monkey Bread (link coming soon!).  He loves peanut butter, virtually all forms of animal protein, tries to eat low carb with lots of fresh fruits and veggies.  The only thing he refuses to eat and will admit that he genuinely hates is celery, which really conflicts with making a mirepoix.  An interesting item worth noting is that as a child his love of peanut butter was as strong as it is today and his hatred of celery just as strong as it is presently and he would be tortured with peanut butter smeared in the crevasse of celery and he had to let it be….

In addition to his culinary exploits, he enjoys spending time with his amazing wife, watching movies, listening to music, bowling and technology.  He is responsible for the creation of this site, it’s maintenance and features, so if you have a complaint, yell at him!