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Lime Ginger Mint Sauce

Today’s recipe is for a sauce which is very refreshing and easy to make. It can be used for fruit salads as well as a sweet companion to your favorite alcoholic beverage.

Why not try it for your next summer party?

Cantaloupe with Lime Ginger Mint Sauce


1/4 c Sugar
1/4 c Water

One lime zested and juiced
1/2 t Fresh Ginger, grated

1 T Fresh mint, minced

Lime and Ginger with Zester and Juicer

Combine the sugar and water. Microwave on high for 30 seconds then stir until dissolved. Place in refrigerator to cool.

When cool, add lime zest, lime juice, and grated ginger.

When ready to use, add mint.

An excellent use is to pour over freshly cut melon and serve as a refreshing summer desert.

Ginger Limoncello Spritzer

A month or so ago I was exploring one of the establishments of my local purveyor of fine spirits (Spec’s) and decided to try something new. Summoning a member of their staff, I expressed my enjoyment of lemons and asked her which of the offerings on the shelf of lemon liqueurs she would recommend. She highly praised the Paolucci Limoncello with the suggestion that it should be enjoyed well chilled. Limoncello is a sweet liqueur flavored with the zest of lemons which originated in Southern Italy. After having chilled it thoroughly, I tasted it once and it has been sitting in the refrigerator since.

Paolucci Limoncello

I happened to notice it again the other day and thought it might taste really good mixed with Ginger Ale, so I tried it and was delighted. It is a simple concoction and I think you will enjoy it too, especially during these hot days of summer, as it is a really refreshing beverage. (Kind of a grown-up lemonade.)

Ginger Limoncello Spritzer

Here is the recipe:


2 oz. Limoncello (well chilled)
Ginger Ale (cold)
Crystallized Ginger

Lemon Slice
Sprig of Fresh Mint (I used chocolate mint)

Fill a 6 – 8 oz. Whiskey Glass with cracked ice. Add piece of crystallized ginger. Pour in 2 oz. of Limoncello and fill the glass the rest of the way with Ginger Ale.

Add lemon slice to side of glass and top with sprig of mint.

Mmmmmmmmmm refreshing!

Easy and Inexpensive Sangria

During the hot summer months, you’ll be hard put to find a beverage more refreshing than Sangria. A few weeks ago I made a batch using an inexpensive red wine and it has become so popular around our household, I have been keeping a pitcher in the refrigerator ever since.


I think you will like this recipe too because it is quick and easy as well as light on the pocketbook. Try it and let me know what you think.


2 Liter Paisano
1/2 c Sugar

1 Liter Ginger Ale

1 Lime
1 Lemon
1 Orange
1 Apple

Sangria Ingredients

Pour Paisano (or any red wine) into a pitcher and stir in sugar*. Add Ginger Ale and stir gently.

Slice fruit very thinly** and add (all except the apple core) to the liquid.

Stir and chill thoroughly.

Enjoy! It’s that easy.

* I discovered it is better to add the sugar before mixing in the Ginger Ale because if you add the Ginger Ale first and then the sugar, the mixture will bubble up and make a mess all over your counter.

** For slicing I use a Mandolin. I really like using the one I have made by OXO which allows many options for slicing, dicing, and julienne with an easily adjustable setting for thickness.

OXO Mandolin

Blk Water – Review

If you haven’t seen Blk Water yet you owe it to yourself to check it out.  Here’s a link to the BLK’s website you’ll notice their slogan “The Dark Side of Water.”  They have a very different take on bottled water than most conventional bottled water.  To give you an idea, the bottles on their home page, they are clear bottles.  There is also a hidden message written in black on the bottle, can you see it?

blk water half empty

You’ll have to find a bottle to find the hidden message! (truth be told I forgot to snap a picture of it and I don’t want to steal someone else’s) The water looks similar to a cola in color, though this is not carbonated.  They claim there are no colorings or artificial ingredients added to create this opaque water, it’s done by minerals left in the water by mother nature.  Sounds kind of gimmicky to me, but it’s not everyday you can drink black water that you literally can’t see through.

blk water bottle

A friend brought this to a party we were having so we decided that everyone should try it, as reluctant as some were!  It tastes confusing, you’d expect it to have a strong taste or smell and it does not.  I think it smells faintly metallic but it could be my senses playing tricks on me. The statements made about it’s taste ranged from, it tastes like regular water, to it tastes like a swamp smells.  I personally thought it had a taste, slightly metallic, slightly like lawn clippings smell with a unique mouth feel.  Though it was far from in your face and pronounced, these were very subtle flavors.  Overall I thought it was an enjoyable water to drink and I’ll probably try it again and do further testing with it.

I’m curious how it is at various temperature extremes, as ice and heated to make tea or coffee with.  If you wanted to go all out you could cook with it, can you image using it in rice or with pasta?  I think they would make great ice cubes, in particular at a cocktail party.

I certainly wasn’t turned off by my experience with it and I would try it again, it’s a great topic of conversation, in particular if you have it on hand to share with people.  The uses as a gag prop are nearly limitless, I think it could be a lot of fun to use as a prank.

Here’s another image of it in a clear glass

blk water in a glass

I don’t think I’d drink it every day, not only would it get a little expensive but part of me thinks consuming abnormally high amounts of any mineral is probably not wise.  That said the company claims it is entirely healthy and they are probably right I am just a little weirded out by black water!  I say that in a good way, it’s a very different take on bottle water and if your curious I’d strongly recommend trying it.