How We Feed America…

As we get into the thick of the holiday season, it is our hope that every person is able to have the food they need and are able to enjoy the festivities that many of us look forward to all year round.  However, the sad truth is, that there are millions of families across America who are unable to afford the food they need to prepare and enjoy healthy holiday meals. In fact, this time of the year is a painful reminder of what they wish they could have, but don’t.  However, it doesn’t have to be that way and you can help!  FeedingAmerica invites us all to engage with them for the month of December through participation in #GivingTuesday, #WhyIFeedAmerica, and/or Feed New Traditions.

On Tuesday, December 1, Feeding America recognizes #GivingTuesday—a global day dedicated to giving back. #GivingTuesday kicks off the charitable giving season and is observed on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday , and Cyber Monday. Did you know, with as little as $1, you can help Feeding America secure and distribute 11 meals to people facing hunger?  Pretty amazing!  What a wonderful way to not only spend your $1, but also a wonderful opportunity to help others during the season of giving.


Are things tight for you this holiday season, but still want to help?  You can help out at your local food banks by volunteering your time.  While you are at it, encourage others to help by participating in #WhyIFeedAmerica.  #WhyIFeedAmerica is an opportunity to share your intention and reflect on why it is important to give back and support Feeding America.  Maybe you know someone who has been an inspiration, that you met who is or has battled with not being able to afford food for themselves or their family.  Sharing these stories helps get the message out and the awareness of real issues in our country surrounding hunger.   I am thankful that I always have been able to have food on my table, growing up, and now as an adult.  The fact that this isn’t the case for so many, is not only heartbreaking, but you wouldn’t think it would be as prominent as it is in a developed nation such as ours.  Shouldn’t every American be able to afford the food they need?

Lastly, take the time to participate in Feeding America’s Feed New Traditions this holiday season.  Feed New Traditions is a content series built to share stories about the people FeedingAmerica serves, and to show you, their volunteers and donors, the impact that you have. With all of our testimonials from #WhyIFeedAmerica and experiences about why this issue is so important, we will be able to inspire more people to help one another in need to have the means to celebrate new traditions this holiday season.


So, whether you choose to donate or volunteer, by bringing attention to hunger you can make a new tradition with your own family by supporting hunger relief this holiday. We hope you are encouraged to contribute to Feeding America’s efforts, and enabling more families access to the food they need to enjoy a happy holiday season.