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Kernel Season’s Popcorn Spritzer – Review

26 Apr

In a previous post John shared his secret to make Perfect Popped Popcorn, it is a very good method to make a healthy, low cost snack.  For the longest time I didn’t like popcorn, but lately I’ve been a ravenous popcorn addict, sneaking a small pot here and there just to get me by until […]

Basic Review of Ebelskivers

15 Mar

First of all we want to apologize to all of you for our lack of posting last month, we also want to send a HUGE thank you to John for keeping things going.  Tiffany and I got married last month and it had taken a lot of our free time and unfortunately Lukewarm Legumes suffered. […]

Blk Water – Review

2 Feb

If you haven’t seen Blk Water yet you owe it to yourself to check it out.  Here’s a link to the BLK’s website you’ll notice their slogan “The Dark Side of Water.”  They have a very different take on bottled water than most conventional bottled water.  To give you an idea, the bottles on their home […]

New Comments Function

16 Jan

Hello Visitors,  This is a simple update to make you aware of an improvement we made to our site.  We are now utilizing Disqus for our comments, this allows users a much simpler and more interactive way to comment on our blog.  You can now post without entering an email address or name, simply post from […]

Simple Stovetop Croutons

12 Jan

Anyone who knows me knows that I hate waste, in particular with food, it really drives me crazy to see food thrown away.  In light of this I’ll do almost anything to use a product before it goes bad.  A quick side anecdote, I once pulled a turkey burger out of the trash and ate […]

Homemade Corned Beef

29 Dec

As I have mentioned before the bulk of my interest in food comes from my parents, this post is one of their traditions that I tried to capture and share with everyone.  This tradition is a something that developed a few years ago and we’ve been doing every year since.  My family really enjoys corned […]

Down Home Punch Made at Home

1 Dec

Jack Daniels makes a number of bottled beverages and one of them is called Down Home Punch, Tiffany happens to be a big fan of this which created a little bit of a problem when she moved from Virginia to live with me in North Carolina, it’s not sold here!  The other “problem” is this […]

Popchips – Review

17 Nov

A number of weeks ago Tiffany told me about a great new snack chip she had while at work, they are called Pop Chips.  I’m not big into snacks like this but thought it may be worth a shot, their claim to fame is they aren’t fried, they aren’t baked and they use all natural […]

Two Simple Tips for Better and Easier Seasoning

7 Nov

Seasoning is one of those simple items that alludes so many, so why not share few simple tricks to make it simpler and more efficient.  I also find these techniques make seasoning fun and I always enjoy sharing it which keeps it fresh in my mind – yes I just said I find seasoning fun! […]

Lexington BBQ Fest 2011

27 Oct

Last Saturday, October 22, 2011  was the Annual Lexington BBQ Festival and what a sight it is!  I lived in Lexington for nearly 2 years, we recently purchased a home 20 minutes north of Lexington but Tiffany had never been to a BBQ Festival so we went to check it out.  This event is a HUGE […]