Cranberry Cordial

One of the traditional beverages we prepare this time of year is Cranberry Cordial, and have been doing so for years. If you enjoy sipping on a sweet, slightly thick, light and fruity beverage after your Thanksgiving meal (or even before and during), Cranberry Cordial is for you. Every year it is a big hit in our household, among our friends, and holiday guests. It only requires three ingredients but does take a bit of advance preparation.

Cranberry Cordial

All you need is four cups of cranberries (frozen and thawed work fine), three cups of sugar, and a large bottle of white wine (I like using  Rhine). Empty half of the wine out of the bottle into a clean container (you will have some extra left over) and add the sugar to the remaining wine, shaking to mix well.

Cranberry Cordial Ingredients

Place the cranberries in the food processor and chop until you get a good mash (you don’t want to liquify the cranberries, just chop them up really well). Spoon the cranberries into the bottle, then add some of the wine back in making sure to leave a little space for shaking the mixture every few days, cap and place in the refrigerator.

After three weeks your cordial will be ready. Strain and serve cold in cordial glasses. You and your guests will enjoy its ruby red hue and lightly syrupy fruity flavor. Mine is in the refrigerator right now and I can hardly wait, but I will because waiting makes it better, and it’s definitely worth it!