Ginger Limoncello Spritzer

A month or so ago I was exploring one of the establishments of my local purveyor of fine spirits (Spec’s) and decided to try something new. Summoning a member of their staff, I expressed my enjoyment of lemons and asked her which of the offerings on the shelf of lemon liqueurs she would recommend. She highly praised the Paolucci Limoncello with the suggestion that it should be enjoyed well chilled. Limoncello is a sweet liqueur flavored with the zest of lemons which originated in Southern Italy. After having chilled it thoroughly, I tasted it once and it has been sitting in the refrigerator since.

Paolucci Limoncello

I happened to notice it again the other day and thought it might taste really good mixed with Ginger Ale, so I tried it and was delighted. It is a simple concoction and I think you will enjoy it too, especially during these hot days of summer, as it is a really refreshing beverage. (Kind of a grown-up lemonade.)

Ginger Limoncello Spritzer

Here is the recipe:


2 oz. Limoncello (well chilled)
Ginger Ale (cold)
Crystallized Ginger

Lemon Slice
Sprig of Fresh Mint (I used chocolate mint)

Fill a 6 – 8 oz. Whiskey Glass with cracked ice. Add piece of crystallized ginger. Pour in 2 oz. of Limoncello and fill the glass the rest of the way with Ginger Ale.

Add lemon slice to side of glass and top with sprig of mint.

Mmmmmmmmmm refreshing!