Home Made Chocolate Syrup

Chocolate Syrup is a staple food around my home. It goes into a lot of things including milk, coffee, and over ice cream. Up until now I always had on hand the name brand readymade chocolate syrup. However, my pantry backup system failed me and when the bottle we were using became empty there wasn’t another one on hand to replace it with.

Ice Cream with Chocolate Syrup

This was just the inspiration it took for me to attempt making my own chocolate syrup from scratch. After all, my usual kitchen policy is to shy away from anything that is already prepared. So, why not chocolate syrup as well?

It is actually pretty simple to make, the ingredients being: sweeteners, cocoa powder, water to blend, a touch of salt, and vanilla.

The real challenge is balancing the heat to prevent the mixture from boiling over. This mixture when boiling is unstable and must be watched constantly – you will probably need to make several adjustments to the heat while preparing it.

Chocolate Syrup Cooking

However, the results are very satisfying. This method produces about 4 cups of delicious chocolate syrup.


1 ½ c Water
4 c Sugar
3 T Corn Syrup, light
¼ t Salt, Kosher

1 ½ c Cocoa powder

1 T Vanilla

Mix the water, sugar, corn syrup and salt in a pan and bring to a boil. Add the cocoa powder and stir until blended well. Continue to boil and stir until the mixture thickens. Don’t worry if the syrup seems too thin after boiling, it will thicken significantly once it cools.

Just before you turn off the heat and the vanilla and mix. Be careful at this step because the vanilla will immediately boil and steam.

Cool completely, transfer to a container, and store in the refrigerator. It will keep for several months in the refrigerator, but you’ll probably never find out – it is that good.