Launch a Virtual Food Drive as part of your Thanksgiving activities

Virtual Food Drive

As many of our readers know, we at Lukewarm Legumes are supporters of the nonprofit organization Feeding America and are members of its bloggers council.

As such we urge you, your family, friends, and neighbors to join Chef Mario Batali by participating in a Virtual Food Drive as part of your Thanksgiving activities. It’s an easy way to help fight hunger in America by raising funds for families facing hunger around the country.

Chef Mario Batali

To read his letter and learn more about his initiative, please click here.

One in six people in America — working families, children, and seniors struggle with hunger. Starting your own Virtual Food Drive is an easy thing you can do to help. Simply complete the two-step online registration and then tell your friends and family how they can help Americans facing hunger by donating directly to your personal Virtual Food Drive.

This is something both individuals and organizations can participate in. Consider asking your employer along with places where you worship and do business to start a drive as well.

Even though times have been difficult for many of us, we still have a lot to be thankful for. Helping others can be an encouragement by helping take the focus off  of our own issues, trials & troubles.

We wish all of our readers a blessed holiday season with many joyous gatherings of family and friends — along with good food, of course!