Two Simple Tips for Better and Easier Seasoning

Seasoning is one of those simple items that alludes so many, so why not share few simple tricks to make it simpler and more efficient.  I also find these techniques make seasoning fun and I always enjoy sharing it which keeps it fresh in my mind – yes I just said I find seasoning fun!

The first trick is really obvious when you know it, but until you think about it you can miss it entirely.  Season from a distance, that’s right, that’s it!  Don’t get really close to what ever you’re season, keep your hands as far away from your target as possible.  The benefits of this are pretty obvious, more even distribution of seasoning over your food.  Take a pinch of salt and sprinkle it over a large plate 1″ above the plate  now take the same size pinch of salt and sprinkle it from 5″ or more the plate and notice how it is distributed.  It’s a very simple trick that anyone can do and it will make your food just that much better.

The next trick is almost comical but it saves time and is sure to be a conversational technique when you do it in front of friends and family.   Season your cutting board, there I’ve said it.  When preparing proteins you usually want to season both sides of the meat prior to cooking, this requires flipping the raw protein when seasoning both sides.  If you season your cutting board, place the meat on it then season the other side while it’s resting on the seasoned cutting board.  It sounds simple, perhaps even silly but it works great and reduces how often you’re handling the raw meat.  Now just think of the jokes you can make for dinner guests serving them seasoned cutting board!

There you have two simple, effective, time saving seasoning techniques that will make your cooking experience more enjoyable and successful.