World’s Largest Slice of Pizza

The World’s Largest Slice of Pizza is a bold claim, one that I don’t think I’m prepared to make, however Angelo’s Carry Out in Baltimore, MD proudly advertises.  I’m not sure how you measure this, I certainly didn’t waste precious time trying, it was by far the largest slice I’ve ever had and I’ve had a lot of pizza in my life!

Below you’ll see a picture of the pizza that makes the largest slice possible.

World's Largest Pizza

We were lucky enough to capture this rare creature just before we left, it’s not every day you see a pizza the size of the pizza oven door!

The pizza itself was good, not the best, but certainly pizza I would order again.  The argument of the “best pizza” is a discussion for another time.  This is a pizza in the NY style, thin crust, nice crunch on the bottom and crust with an airy, dry dough in the middle.  The sauce was applied with caution, which is to my preference, but if you are a heavy sauce fan this probably isn’t your dream slice of pizza.  The cheese was middle of the road which is what you expect from a place like this, it was enough to cover the pizza but not what I would define as a cheesy pizza, more of a well balanced slice.

The most amazing thing about this slice is the experience of ordering it, seeing it, eating it and bragging about it.  How many of your friends can say they’ve had the largest slice of pizza in the world? It may not get you elected President of your class let alone President of this country, but it is an interesting subject that you can share long after you’ve had the joy of eating this slice.

Here is a picture of Tiffany with her slice, to get a sense of scale.

World's Largest Slice of Pizza

If you’re in Baltimore, MD and looking for something cool to check out, without breaking the bank (the slice was under $5), I highly recommend giving the World’s Largest Slice of Pizza a try!

I finished my slice, Tiffany wasn’t quite able to finish hers.