Cream of Potato Soup – reduced fat

5 Jan

Today’s recipe is for a hearty soup whose warmth is just right for the cold weather outside. Plus it just might cure what ails you, as a friend who had been feeling ill said eating this soup made her feel all better. My first thought was to use some extra potatoes that were left in […]

Launch a Virtual Food Drive as part of your Thanksgiving activities

8 Nov

As many of our readers know, we at Lukewarm Legumes are supporters of the nonprofit organization Feeding America and are members of its bloggers council. As such we urge you, your family, friends, and neighbors to join Chef Mario Batali by participating in a Virtual Food Drive as part of your Thanksgiving activities. It’s an easy way […]

Lime Ginger Mint Sauce

29 Jul

Today’s recipe is for a sauce which is very refreshing and easy to make. It can be used for fruit salads as well as a sweet companion to your favorite alcoholic beverage. Why not try it for your next summer party? LIME GINGER MINT SAUCE Ingredients 1/4 c Sugar 1/4 c Water One lime zested and juiced […]

Ginger Limoncello Spritzer

18 Jul

A month or so ago I was exploring one of the establishments of my local purveyor of fine spirits (Spec’s) and decided to try something new. Summoning a member of their staff, I expressed my enjoyment of lemons and asked her which of the offerings on the shelf of lemon liqueurs she would recommend. She highly praised […]

On a table, or in the landfill? – A message from Vicki Escarra, President and CEO of Feeding America

17 Jul

Easy and Inexpensive Sangria

13 Jul

During the hot summer months, you’ll be hard put to find a beverage more refreshing than Sangria. A few weeks ago I made a batch using an inexpensive red wine and it has become so popular around our household, I have been keeping a pitcher in the refrigerator ever since. I think you will like […]

Recipe Review – Star Anise Cookies in “The Illustrated Cook’s Book of Ingredients.”

12 Jul

I have long been fascinated with the spice called “Star Anise.” It is used primarily in Asian cuisine but also in Malay, Indian, Pakistani, and Vietnamese. It is a recent newcomer to the West with a flavor like that of Anise, although they are unrelated plants. Recently having purchased some Star Anise I have been […]

Mexican Four Bean Salad

21 Jun

If you love TexMex style dishes, you will love my spin on three bean salad. This dish is not only delicious, but beautiful. It has many layers of flavors and will be a refreshing addition to any meal from South of the border. MEXICAN FOUR BEAN SALAD Ingredients 1 lb Black beans * (or one […]

Review of Crab Bisque recipe by Paula Deen

9 Jun

A friend who is a big fan of Paula Deen found a recipe by Paula Deen for Crab Bisque and asked if I could make it. I am also a big fan of Paula Deen. However, the recipe calls for adding canned soup and I prefer not to use pre-made items in my food preparation. I’m […]

French Toast for Two

1 Jun

It can be really difficult to just cook for two people as many couples (both young and the more mature), empty nesters, and seniors will attest. It seems that when I am preparing food for parties where quite a number of people will attend, it is much easier than preparing those everyday meals for just […]